Annual Gift List

Well, Annual Gift day (dec. 25) is coming up fast! We must remember that this isn’t just a time to celebrate the birth of our saviour, the web. It’s not solely about worshiping one the most beloved men in history, Isaac Newton. No this is a day to celebrate commercialism. We must shower our friends and family that truly matter to us with gifts and a lot of useless crap that they will likely throw out in just a few short months.

What? You don’t want me to throw out the gift you send me? Well just for you here’s a handy guide of things I deem worthy of giving this Annual Gift Day. The goal is to find thing in all price ranges that are Great gifts that I (or anyone can use. I’ll throw in a purchase link too where I can.

FRX2 Radio Flashlight

Getting ready for the apocalypse? I am! Ok, maybe just an earthquake or other potential disaster. Still, the FRX2 Radio Flashlight wind-up and solar powered radio is bad ass! Rugged and durable it glows in the dark so you can finding when the power goes out. It features a built an flash light and a USB charger to keep your iPhone charged for important texts and twitter updated in the event of total world destruction.

iPhone 5

Speaking of iPhones… this one would be swell! 32GB or larger please!

Wii U

It’s not all about getting ready for the coming end of days. No, sometimes it’s about wasting an an afternoon or 7 beating a good old fashioned Mario or Zelda game. From the sounds of the Wii U is picking up where the Wii left off, faster, more powerful, easy to pick up and play, too-cute-for-it’s-own-good name, new iPad like controller. So want one.

Apple and Amazon Gift Cards

Can’t go wrong with these guys! Apple App store or Amazon would be my preference since most of the stuff I buy tends to come from these stores but any generic retail department store is also good because it gives the receiver some diversity.

Netflix Subscription

If you know someone with a Apple TV, Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3 hooked up to their TV and they don’t have Netflix then this is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Netflix has a massive library of movies and TV shows available for on demand streaming. I can’t recommend this enough!

Frank & Oak Gift Card

Know a guy who hates shopping yet wants to be fashionable? Frank & Oak is the solution! Every month they release specially curated mens clothing; shirts, pants, sweaters, ties, socks, you name it, at really great prices. They have EVERYTHING a dude needs to look sharp. Get a gift card for that guy in your life and I gurantee they will thank you for it in a month or two!

Offscreen Magazine

I need to get away from my Mac every now and then so this gift is a great one. Offscreen Magazine is an awesome little publication about the state of modern web, mobile and app design. A 3 issue subscription is worth it’s weight in gold.


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