Principles of experience design

The following is taken from a talk Whitney Hess gave at Interlink Conference in 2011. I found it recently in my notes and wanted to share it.

Principles of Experience Design

  1. Stay out of peoples way.
  2. Create a hierarchy the meets users needs.
  3. Limit distractions.
  4. Provide strong information scent.
  5. Provide signposts and cues.
  6. Provide context.
  7. Use constraints appropriately.
  8. Make actions reversable.
  9. Provide Feedback.
  10. Make a good first impression.

Some Thoughts…

I enjoy the common sense approach to these principles. The remarkable thing about common sense is that it’s really not that common. I find it fascinating that when building sites or interactive experiences those responsible for creating and often put the needs and desires of decision makers (companies, bosses, execs, etc.) ahead of the people using the product.


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