Thank you, Steve

On October 5th 2011, humanity lost one of our greatest creative minds, Steve Jobs.

I am writing this several days after his passing, and much of what I can say, has been said by so many others far more eloquently than I can put into words. So why do I bother? Although I never met him, or even saw him in the flesh, Steve’s actions had a huge impact on my life.

I was given my first Mac, an LC 575, for Christmas, when I was 12. That same year many of my friends also got their first computers. All of them Windows PC’s. At first, I was jealous. They had the platform that all the cool games were on. My friends could swap software with each other easily via floppy disks and I was stuck with an OS that no one else had. I was different.

What I failed realize at the time was that those differences were a blessing. Once I got access to BBS’s, and later the internet, I found others who used, and loved their Macs. I was given access to programs like Photoshop, Kid Pix and Hypercard. I also learned to hack my Mac with ResEdit. Suddenly, my Mac allowed me to do things my teenage peers weren’t doing, creating. The Mac introduced me to a world of graphic design, user interface design, typography, iconography and HTML coding. A world I otherwise may have ignored if I had been blasting away monters on a Windows PC.

Even thought this all began at a time before Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the soul of his creation set in motion the passions that would ultimately shape my life.

Steve did more than sell wizzy products; he understood that people want to be enchanted and empowered. He was not a deity, only man who was able make our lives better. By giving us tools to imagine, create, and share our passions, he gave us the power to make our very own dents in the universe.

Thank you, Steve

Snapdragons for Steve


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